Help us transform chemotherapy treatment areas

into beautiful and engaging healing spaces using art, music, and design

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$20,180 towards $50,000

"I wish there was more color in my room. After hours of sitting in there, the walls, the chair, the sink, the door, they all just blur together. Most of the time I feel so sick and so exhausted, my eyes can't even tell where the floor ends and the walls begin."

-Gerald S. | Burlington, VT

Above, Gerald expresses just one of the many frustrations that cancer fighters endure during chemotherapy. There are countless incredible organizations that do great work towards continuing the search for a cure. However, we cannot forget that until we find one, there are little things that we can do to make the healing process easier for cancer fighters and their families. Our goal is to transform treatment areas into engaging healing environments through art, music, and design in which cancer fighters and their loved ones can heal together.

How can you help?

$10 can help Rxhibition reach independent artists from all over the world to bring incredible artwork into treatment areas

$20 helps Rxhibition safely transport a painting to the exhibition

$50 contributes to the production of our Gallery Guide and Rxhibition app, which serve as interactive positive distractions including artist bios, stories of healing, incredible detailed photographs of the works included in the exhibition, and original music composed specifically for Rxhibition inspired by the artworks in the exhibition

$100 contributes to the design and installation of the exhibition and the full transformation of the healing environment

On behalf of the entire Rxhibition team, we would like to thank you all for your support in helping us make this pilot great. Remember, Rxhibition is not simply an organization, we are a community of people brought together by the desire to #ConquerChemo and celebrate healing through creativity. Without each and every one of you, this program would not be possible. Please give today to help us grow our community and transform the healing environment!

Our Mission

To ameliorate the healing process within chemotherapy treatment areas using art, music, and exhibition design.

The number of cancer patients in the United States is growing, and chemotherapy is often a crucial part of treatment. The process can unfortunately be long and tedious. Rxhibition's objective is to bring the immersive nature of the art exhibition into chemotherapy treatment areas, creating an out-of-hospital atmosphere where patients can heal in a beautiful and engaging space. We design environments that creatively engage patients and also provide an escape from the traditional hospital atmosphere.

While several hospitals possess their own art collections and exhibitions, these are often displayed in public and waiting areas. Rxhibition works in collaboration with host hospitals to curate and design immersive, yet non-intrusive, exhibitions inside patient treatment areas. Chemotherapy rooms are ideally situated to benefit from this program, as they are low-traffic, low-emergency spaces in which patients typically spend several hours undergoing treatment. Rxhibition is designed to transform this time into something positive and productive.

This experience however, is not something that we produce on our own. The entire exhibition process is rooted in the collaborations we form and the communities we foster with the hospitals and patients we work with in order to build unique experiences at each site. Thus, working with current hospital programming is an integral component of Rxhibition. For instance, while most hospitals offer art therapy programs, oftentimes many patients do not consider themselves artistic or creative. We endeavor to show that simply engaging with art is an imaginative and cathartic process, and we strive to encourage new participation in creative therapies.

Art is truly for everyone and has the unique ability to convey ideas and sentiments that language cannot. Whether internally acknowledging a common frustration or outwardly exclaiming the relief and joy of a milestone, Rxhibition serves as a way for artists, doctors, institutions and patients to express the journey of getting better.